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Article I: Name


The name of this Society shall be the Optical Society of America, New England Section.


Article II: Aim and Purpose


It is the aim and purpose of the Society to increase and disseminate the knowledge of optics and closely allied sciences, to promote the mutual interests of investigators, teachers, and students in these fields, and of designers, manufacturers and users of optical instruments and other scientific apparatus as well as those who have optics as a hobby, and to encourage cooperation and establish acquaintanceship among these people.


Article III: Officers


The Executive Council of this Society shall consist of the president, the secretary, the treasurer, and the elected councilors.


Article IV: Membership


 The Society shall be composed of individual members.


Article V: Sponsors


The Society will welcome support by corporations and others interested in the advancement of optics.


Article VI: Amendments


Amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws must be effected by carrying out each of the following steps:

  1. Recommendation by majority of the Executive Council or by written petition to that council by twenty active members
  2. Distribution of the proposed amendments(s) by written communication to each member at least fifteen days before a vote is taken – this vote to be taken at the next regular meeting, and
  3. Adoption by the full membership, a two-thirds vote of all members voting thereon being needed for adoption.